Arduino 1000 Meters 315mhz 8 Key Digital Remote Controller For Wireless Remote Control Switch Module

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Описание и характеристики

Recommended supporting use: Product ID:1173218Feature:1. Using SMT chip components, 6.5G UHF transistor.2. Sound table frequency stabilization,used for 315MHZ.3. Chip diversity, fixed code, learning code, optional rolling code.4. Using radio frequency technology, transmission distance, non-directional, high transmission sensitivity, no signal barrier.5. With LED working status indicator.Specification:Working voltage: DC12VQuiescent current: Almost not consume electricityThe working current:10 mAThe working frequency: 315MHzTransmitting power: 10 mWRemote control distance: 1000M (open field measured)Modulation: ASKChip type: PT2264, 2260, EV1527Oscillation resistance: according to the requirements of the guestsThe working environment: -15 to +75 degrees CelsiusBattery type: 12V 23Abattery (batterydoes not includes)Use:Product is widely used in garage doors, roller shutter doors and electric doors, remote sensing telemetry, industrial control and other fields, all kinds of burglar alarm devices, remote control electric door motor switches, motor reversing controller, remote control lamp switch, LED lamp controller, remote control electronics Lock, curtain remote control, drying rack remote control, wireless remote control switch, home security products, wireless pager and so on.Package includes:1 x Remote control (battery is not includes)

Обновлено: 01.08.2020

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