ENNIO 7 inch Wired Video Doorbell Video Camera Phone Remote Swipe Password Remote Unlock Video Intercom

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Description:Easy installation by yourself with the adapter and cable we provided in this kit,outdoor unit can connect to indoor monitor by wired 4P cable.When indoor monitor connected to your wireless wifi router,you can connect mobile phone to indoor monitor,then mobile phone also can record video or open the door etc.Widely used in villas, apartments, houses, hotels, offices, public buildings and so on.Features:1.Indoor monitor use the multi-point capacitance touch screen,adopt to Android System,steady and easy to operate.2.7 inch High definition digital LCD monitor,with take picture,visitor records and calendar function.3.Indoor monitor can take picture by manually or automatically,max to support 64G TF card.4.Indoor monitor with monitor,intercom,unlock,hands-free and Dont disturb function.5.Volume, brightnesscolorful adjustable.6.The indoor monitor can support to connect 8 mobile phone APP user,Support IOS/Android system mobile phone , then the mobile phone can view and unlock.7.Indoor monitor can connect to wireless wifi router.8.Mobile APP with monitor,intercom, take picture,video record by manually and unlock functions.9.Display:7 TFT LCD(16:9)10.Resolution: 1024(H)X600(V)Specification:Outdoor parts:1. High-definition 1000 line CCD camera.2. Night vision function, 6 infrared lamps.3. Acrylic panel +ABS material with rainproof cover.4. Password, swipe card, remote and remote unlock.5. External electric lock and switch function.Lens 3. 6 mm92 degrees.Performance parame

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