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Feature:The OpenLog Data Logger is a simple-to-use, open-source solution for logging serial data from your projects. The OpenLog provides a simple serial interface to log data from a project to a microSD card.Power:VCC Input 3.3V-12V (Recommended 3.3V-5V)RXI Input 2.0V-3.8VTXO Output 3.3VIdle Current Draw ~2mA-5mA (w/out microSD card), ~5mA-6mA (w/ microSD card)Active Writing Current Draw ~20-23mA (w/ microSD card)Tips: The OpenLogs current draw is about 20mA to 23mA when writing to a microSD. Depending on the size of the microSD card and its manufacturer, the active current draw can vary when the OpenLog is writing to the memory card. Increasing the baud rate will also pull more current.Microcontroller:The OpenLog runs off of an onboard ATmega328, running at 16MHz thanks to the onboard crystal. The ATmega328 has the Optiboot bootloader loaded on it, which allows the OpenLog to be compatible with theUno board setting in the IDE.Interface:Serial UART:The primary interface with the OpenLog is the FTDI header on the board edge. This header is designed to plug directly into an Pro or Pro Mini, which allows the microcontroller to send the data over a serial connection to the OpenLog.SPI:There are also four SPI test points broken out on the opposite end of the board. You can use these to reprogram the bootloader on the ATmega328.microSD Card:All data logged by the OpenLog is stored on the microSD card. The OpenLog works with microSD cards that involve the following features:64MB

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