ThiEYE Remote Control REMO Compatible with ThiEYE T5 / T5e / T5 Edge / E7 Action Camera

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Описание и характеристики

The remote is perfect for gear-mounted shots, you can start/stop recording and capture photos. It is your companion that youre using to capture the exact moments you want. You can also control your ThiEYE action camera remotely with this wearable, mountable remote, such as strap it to your wrist or gear.*Compatible with ThiEYE T5 / T5e / T5 Edge / E7 Action CameraConnected Method: Press the Power ON / OFF Button for 5s to turn on the remote control. Click Bluetooth Pair in the camera setting menu, then press any button on the remote. The working indicator remains on red, succeed.Battery Model: CR1632Note: If your camera can not pair with the remote, please upgrade the firmware of camera to the latest version

Обновлено: 01.08.2020

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